Our Products

Our Products - Important Infomation

Our products at Creative Woodcraft are handcrafted using quality timber sourced from local Radiata Pine plantations. All timber is completely chemical free! By ensuring all timber is kiln dried within 5 days of production there is no need for anti-sap stain chemicals or other treatments.

Adhesives used in our products are Environmentally Friendly Professional Grade PVA Glue For Exterior Use. Our bird products are preserved and finished on the exterior using water based stain, providing high level of UV protection and advanced weather resistance as well as mold and fungus resisting properties. The interior of all creative woodcraft’s bird habitats remain natural and unfinished creating a natural environment for its inhabitants.


  • We have tried to eliminate waste in our packaging that create bulk in our landfills and keep your costs down.  Almost everything we ship can be recycled!