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Leafcutter bee house

Leafcutter Bee House(Complete with Nesting Tray System & Downloadable Information Bookl..


Leafcutter bee chalet - starter kit New

Leafcutter bee chalet - starter kit

Leafcutter Bee Chalet – Starter Kit with Bee CocoonsLeafcutter Bee Chalet Starter Kit - Solitary be..


Leafcutter bee house package

Leafcutter bee house packagePackage Includes:Leafcutter Bee HouseWooden Nesting Tray'sx ..


Adopt-a-bee package New

Adopt-a-bee package

Adopt-a-bee packagePackage Includes:Leafcutter bee houseWooden nesting tray's50 leafcutter bee c..


Garden pollination package

Garden pollination packageIf you are having trouble with your vegetable and fruit plants failing..


Leafcutter bee cells x 50

Leafcutter bee cells x 50Leafcutting bee cells containing dormant leafcutting bees are shipped b..


Bee nesting tubes New

Bee nesting tubes

Bee nesting tubesThe gentle natured leafcutter bee prefers 6mm holes. These EasyTear nesting tu..


Bee Bath

BEE BATHKey benefits:Ideal drinking source for beesAttractive destination for pollinatorsIncrease po..


Post mounting sleeve

Post mounting sleeveUsing this wooden post mounting sleeve many of our products can be mounted on to..


Wildflower Seed Mix

A special mix of wildflowers designed to attract wildlife into your garden - colourful magnets for o..