At Creative Woodcraft we provide a selection of products that will make raising Leafcutter Bees and Bumble Bees fun, easy and economical, so what are you waiting for . . . 

Join us in our quest to encourage these important pollinators – and see your garden explode with blossoms as a result.

Today, education about gardeners able to raise gentle and inexpensive Leafcutter bees and Bumble bee is spreading. We are dedicated to helping gardeners learn to be successful through our website and monthly Bee-Mail

Introducing these gentle-natured bees to your garden is a great way to increase the bee population, protect the environment and sustain the food supply.

Creative Woodcraft offers bee-safe products. You can buy individual items, assemble a custom package, or buy one of our complete kits with everything you need to get started (or to give as a gift).