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What are Leafcutter Bees

What are leafcutter bees?         Check out our range of products to help you introduce and raise leafcutter bees. Leafcutter bees and are hive-less solitary bees, they are gentle, easy to raise and are amazing pollinators. Most people are familiar with their European honey bee cousin, but there are major differences between these incredible insects: – No […]

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Bumble bees

Bumblebees are exceptionally good at what they do, better in many respects than honeybees. Scientists believe that 200 bumblebees are comparable to 10,000 honeybees in some crops! Compared with honeybees, bumblebees are/will: Buzz pollinate Better pollen extraction and vital in a number of crops, vegetables and flowers. Move more pollen Bigger, hairier body collects more pollen Deposit more pollen Make […]

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How to clean your leafcutter bee cocoons

Occasionally you will experience mould occurring on your leafcutter bee cocoons. To remedy this please follow the instructions below:   Water wash method: Leafcutter Bee cocoons are fairly waterproof and can take quite a soaking. Prepare one large bowl with about a 3 litres of cold water. Add about 10ml concentration bleach solution. Prepare a second bowl of cold water without […]

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Wool Carder Bee

In January and February 2006 the European wool- carder bee Anthidium manicatum was found to be present at Napier and Nelson, and more recently it has been observed in Auckland, Palmerston North, Blenheim, and Christchurch. Within the foreseeable future it will probably colonise most of the settled areas of the country. The species is rather closely related to the lucerne […]

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