Bird Baths Buying Guide

birds bathing

Bird Baths Buying Guide A bird bath can be an attractive addition to your garden and a welcome source of water for birds. New Zealand Made Bird Baths Available at Birds and water – A bird bath is suitable all year-round. Many people put food out for birds, but fewer provide a regular supply of clean water. Birds need water […]

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What are Leafcutter Bees

What are leafcutter bees?         Check out our range of products to help you introduce and raise leafcutter bees. Leafcutter bees and are hive-less solitary bees, they are gentle, easy to raise and are amazing pollinators. Most people are familiar with their European honey bee cousin, but there are major differences between these incredible insects: – No […]

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Bumble bees

Bumblebees are exceptionally good at what they do, better in many respects than honeybees. Scientists believe that 200 bumblebees are comparable to 10,000 honeybees in some crops! Compared with honeybees, bumblebees are/will: Buzz pollinate Better pollen extraction and vital in a number of crops, vegetables and flowers. Move more pollen Bigger, hairier body collects more pollen Deposit more pollen Make […]

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