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Bumblebees are exceptionally good at what they do, better in many respects than honeybees. Scientists believe that 200 bumblebees are comparable to 10,000 honeybees in some crops!
Compared with honeybees, bumblebees are/will:
  • Buzz pollinate
    • Better pollen extraction and vital in a number of crops, vegetables and flowers.
  • Move more pollen
    • Bigger, hairier body collects more pollen
  • Deposit more pollen
    • Make better and more consistent contact with the important parts of the flower
  • Visit more flowers
    • Forage faster and for more of the day
  • Achieve more cross-pollination
    • More effective between cultivars
  • Adapt to more environments
    • Work under more types of crop cover, including enclosed greenhouses
  • Work in much more marginal conditions
    • Store less nectar so must forage on most days
    • Much more active in darker, colder, wetter and windier weather, so a lot busier in winter and early spring
    • Provide greater pollination reliability
  • Allow more options
    • Capability to return bees home and lock down hives if spraying
    • Self-manage
      • Move hives between crops or sites
  • Reduce the movement of vehicles and people on your property
    • Couriered to the customers door or place of their choosing
    • Better disease management, e.g. PSA
  • Gentle natured
  • Bumble Bees Available year round, when needed