About Us

About Us - Creative Woodcraft

As a qualified craftsman, a lover of gardening, nature and the environment, the idea of Creative Woodcraft was formed. What better than combining these passions to create ideas and products to help nature and the home gardener!

Based in South Canterbury New Zealand Creative Woodcraft is a family owned and operated business. Our aim is to provide a wide range of high quality hand crafted wildlife and garden related products.

Since creative woodcraft was born we've grown into the New Zealand’s largest specialist supplier of wildlife Habitat and bird-related products. We now have by far the widest range of quality Nesting Boxes, Feeders and Shelters for Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Bats and Weta. All creative woodcraft specialist Bee Products have been designed and endorsed by a leading New Zealand entomologist and tested for their quality and effectiveness.

At creative woodcraft we feel that people are beginning to recognise the dangerously falling numbers of many of our best-loved garden birds, the decline in our bee populations and the threat that this causes to the pollination of our gardens and food supplies. This has been caused largely by changing agricultural practices and urban encroachment on the countryside.

By offering our products to the home gardener across a network of gardens could play a big part in counteracting these problems.

Our wildlife products at creative woodcraft are offered to provide:

  • Year round feeding options.
  • Wildlife habitats.
  • Shelter & nesting options.

~ Ian Morton - Founder of Creative Woodcraft