What are Leafcutter Bees

What are leafcutter bees?         Check out our range of products to help you introduce and raise leafcutter bees. 14797362_10154115293882998_11729723_nLeafcutter bees and are hive-less solitary bees, they are gentle, easy to raise and are amazing pollinators. Most people are familiar with their European honey bee cousin, but there are major differences between these incredible insects: - No hive to defend means solitary bees are gentle & non-aggressive. - They pollinate up to 100 times more effectively than honey bees. - They do not build a hive or make honey, instead they raise their young in nesting holes. - They are easy-to-raise by anyone and require far less maintenance than honey bees. Not to mention, they are fun for kids and adults! - They do not induce anaphylactic shock and they rarely sting. - They were introduced to New Zealand in the early 1970's to help the pollination of lucerne. - They are great pollinators of summer fruit, vegetables and flowers. Purchase Leafcutter Bees