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    I've purchased a bumblebee nesting box, but...what do I do with it?

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    If you have purchased your bumblebee nesting box during the winter month's put it out and leave it to weather.

    Bumble Bee Nesting Box The bumble bee nesting boxes provided by creative woodcraft come supplied with nesting material.  If you are using your bumblebee nesting box for the second or subsequent year you can purchase (new nesting material) helping  make the inside of the box as bumblebee friendly as you can. Next look around for a good site. And having found the site take your time to place the box well. And then go away and leave it. In early spring have a look inside the box. If it shows signs of occupancy by roosting birds or small mammals, then this is a good sign. Leave any nesting material and droppings, bumblebee queens seem to like the lived-in smell and look.  However if the nesting material is damp and the box has no bird/mammal sign, but has slug/snail/worm signs, then it is not well sited. So you must take it out. Dry it thoroughly - don't clean it up too much and don't use any cleaners. Then find another spot for it. For further information on siting your bumblebee nesting box, register at and download our FREE e-book BEES.