Help Creative Woodcraft... GIVE NATURE A HOME PROJECT!

Creative woodcraft would like to donate up to fifty Homes for solitary bees to be distributed to schools around New Zealand during November 2013.
leafcutter bee with pollen
Increasing pollination in school gardens by providing suitable nesting habitat for our native and introduced solitary bees and  will be a great way to provide hands on education and awareness to children. Helping spread the message that our pollinators are precious!
For every order placed at Creative Woodcraft between July and December 2013, we will donate 10% of your order value towards building and supplying solitary bee houses to school garden projects around New Zealand.
Help share our "GIVE NATURE A HOME PROJECT" via social media features such as Twitter and Facebook and by communicating our message with your friends and family.
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If your school would be interested in receiving a Solitary Bee House for your school garden please contact us