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    Gifts For the Gardener

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    Looking for Garden Gifts? With our exclusive range of Unique Gifts for Gardeners you need look no further. Here are some suggestions from Creative Woodcraft. BIRDS:  Our bird products are designed to provide good homes and feeding options for their intended occupants and visitors! They also look great in any "Many of our products have been developed using the latest thinking from wildlife experts" BEES: Leafcutter Bees - Gentle Bees Amazing pollinator for summer food and flowers... At Creative Woodcraft we provide a selection of products that will make raising  Bumble Bees and Leafcutter Bees fun, easy and economical, so what are you waiting for . . . join us in our quest to encourage our native bees – and see your garden explode with blossoms as a result. New Zealands only supplier of Leafcutter Bee Cocoons to the home gardener! IMG_0151  Check out our custom-designed hand-crafted bee habitats and make your garden bee-friendly. BUTTERFLIES: Our butterfly products offer migrating and hibernating butterflies a helping hand by providing them a place to live. Buterfly Shelter Feeder Lovely butterfly houses, feeders and shelters for your garden! Nature says Thank You logo