Creative Woodcraft Welcomes you to ... Our Native Bees!

Are you curious about our Native Bees and want to learn more? Have you noticed a decline in pollinators and flowers in your yard? Did you know that much of our food supply and many of the flowers and animals we love could not exist without pollinators like bees and butterflies? The bad news is that honey bees are quickly disappearing, but the good news is that our Native Bees are extremely efficient pollinators.SONY DSC It’s time to Bee a pollinator, and we are dedicated to spreading the word that our Native Bees are an excellent supplement to honey bees as pollinators of our food supply. Learn how you can help increase our native bee populations by providing Native Bees with healthy nesting sites and habitats. Our native pollinators are willing, able, and healthy – all they need are nesting sites! Urban sprawl, intensive agriculture and pesticide use are destroying their natural nesting sites and reducing the diversity of wildflowers they need to survive. Even though there are numerous species of native bees in New Zealand, many of them have declining populations simply because they can no longer find enough sites to raise their young. In today’s modern gardens ground nesting solitary bees are battling inches of mulch and plastic weed barriers and those bees that lay their eggs in cavities – like the Leafcutter Bee and the beneficial Mason Wasp are losing their habitats faster than they can reproduce. So if you’d like to join us in our quest to encourage our native bees – and see your garden explode with blossoms as a result - please provide a healthy habitat for them by purchasing one of our custom-designed Hand-crafted Creative Woodcraft Bee Houses! At Creative Woodcraft we provide a selection of products that will make raising Bumble Bees, Leafcutter Bees fun, easy and economical! Natures Best  x25