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    Calling all gardeners "would you like to increase pollination in your garden?"

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    Increase Pollination! Hints and Tips for a pollinator friendly Garden.... There are a number of things you can do in your own gardens to make them more appealing to visiting pollinators. Buterfly Shelter Feeder 7
    • Butterflies
    • Birds
    • Bees
    Here are a few ideas… Provide Over-wintering places and shelter   ❁ Upside down flower pots ❁ A small sheet of corrugated iron ❁ Rock piles ❁ Log piles ❁ Leave leaf litter under plantings ❁ Consider creating or purchasing suitable habitat for pollinators Increase Pollination and Encourage NZ Native and introduced Solitary Bees to your garden.solitary bee house Creative Woodcraft   NZ’s Native Bees tiny heroes of nature. There are 40 species of native bee in New Zealand. These tiny insects spend most of their day working hard gathering nectar and pollen to feed themselves and their young. In doing this they transfer the pollen of our native plants from flower to flower. Most of our native bees are solitary – which means they don’t have a large hive like the common introduced honeybee and they nest in tiny holes oftenwith the nests grouped together in one area.
    • Lasioglossum bees – the smallest of our native bees, these tiny pollinators are black or greenish and 4-8mm long.
    • Hylaeus bees – 7-9mm long and thin with hardly any hair and are black with small yellow markings.
    • Leioproctus bees – 5-12mm long look similar to honeybees but smaller.
    • Honey Bee
    For more information about NZ's Native and introduced solitary bees register at Creative Woodcraft and download our FREE e-book BEES