BUMBLE BEES – Why not provide them with a home!

Creative Woodcraft’s Bumble Bee Nesting Boxes and products have been designed and endorsed in consultation with a NZ leading entomologist, they are handcrafted and 100% NZ made.  
  • Our Bumble Bee Nesting Boxes are designed to provide habitat for foraging queens looking for a suitable nesting environment. They can be used as a stand-alone nesting box (attracting wild bumble bee queens) or used in conjunction with a Bumble-A-bode.
  • Our Bumble-A-Bode has been designed to house a bumble bee home garden hive (purchased separately). It provides a suitable weather proof environment keeping the hive safe from wind and rain and provides instant bumble bee action! Not to mention it looks great in any garden and will become a point of conversation! The Bumble-A-Bode will last for many years and provides a suitable habitat for years to come.
  • Bumble Bee Home Garden Hive - Comprises of 80 workers and a queen – enough to pollinate a backyard vegetable and flower garden – the hive may last in favorable conditions, for three to four months. (full instructions accompany your bumble bee home garden hive)
Creative Woodcraft is New Zealand’s leading garden wildlife specialist. How to attract / introduce Bumble Bees to your Garden. Creative Woodcraft offers a range of products to help you do just that…  
  1. Ensure bumble bees have enough food in your garden so they stay there. Creative Woodcraft offers a special mix of 16 wildflower species designed to feed bumblebees for at least three months keeping them close to home. Wildflower seed mix creative woodcraft-420x420
  1. Introduce a Bumble Bee Home Garden Hive to your garden – 80 workers and a queen and provide your bumble bee garden hive with a Bumble-A-Bode both of which can be purchased a Special package deal.
  1. Unlike honeybee hives that continue from year to year, bumble bee hives are shorter lived with the queen laying worker bees until just before the hive closes down. Then she will lay only queens, 20 to 50+ on average, and these will disperse to start new colonies.
  1. Providing additional Bumble bee nesting boxes around your garden will greatly improve the chances of these new queens seeking out nesting sites in the same area. (Further, there is evidence that new queens that emerge from man-made hives may indeed be attracted to other similar man-made hives within which to start their own nests).
BumbleBee NestingBox1  BumbleAbode4  BumbleAbode2 Bumble bee nest box                     Bumble-A-Bode                 Bumble bee home garden hive