Wildflower Seed Mix

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A special mix of wildflowers designed to attract wildlife into your garden - colourful magnets for our nature's friends. These beneficials will love to dine at your place! In addition you will enjoy a myriad of gorgeous flowers including poppies, cornflowers & cosmos: its win win for everyone! Height 40-100cm. 


Contains: Centaurea cyanus—Mixed Cornflower, Coreopsis tinctoria—Plains Coreopsis, Cosmos bipinnatus—Mixed Cosmos, Cynoglossum—Forget-Me-Not, Gaillardia pulchella—Indian Blanket, Gilia tricolour—Bird’s Eyes, Gypsophila elegans—Baby’s Breath, Linaria maroccana—Dwarf Toadflax, Linum perenne—Blue flax, Lobularia—Sweet Alyssum, Malcomia maritima—Virginia Stock,Papaver rhoeas -Corn Poppy & Red Poppy, Phacelia tanacetifolia—Purple Tansy, Silene armeria—Catchfly, Rudbeckia hirta—Black Eyed Susan

Sizes available:

8 grams: Covers around 8 square metres

Pack includes:

Contains 16 widflower seed species plus cultral notes on how to grow a wildflower garden. Its so easy!


Tags: Wildflowers, Seeds, Bees, Birds, Butterflies