Bumble Bee Nesting Box


BumbleBee NestingBox1 It is preferable to position your  NZ handcrafted newly purchased Bumble Bee Nesting Box from Creative Woodcraft, in a sheltered spot away from prevailing the wind. A hedge bottom, raised bank, under a garden shed are all good places. Avoid placing it in direct sun. If you have purchased a bumble bee nesting box and have followed the advice above and still have had no success, then don’t give up!! Leave your box out all winter. A mouse may nest in it. If in the spring you find no trace of occupancy of any kind then it is probably not well sited. If you do find traces of a mouse or such like then this is a good sign. Keep any bits of bedding, and add a little more if you think it is needed. If your bumble bee nesting box was successful last year it can still be used again. There is very little you need to do. Just check it out and remove any bits of debris and any dead bees that the scavengers haven’t cleared away. Add more nest material if necessary available from www.creativewoodcraft.co.nz Bumble bee promotion slide We are now able to offer Bumble Bees for purchase! bumble_bee_package_2-reformed

 Bumble-A-Bode (New from Creative Woodcraft!) These Bumble-A-Bodes are specifically designed and crafted to house bumble bees and their hive.

Bumble bee nesting box features: No assembly required. Natural pine wood which has been protected using exterior water based stain, providing high level of UV protection and advanced weather resistance as well as mould and fungus resisting properties. Light colour is used to reflect the sun's heat. Well insulated design protects nesting bees from overheating. Vents around base provide air flow. Convenient 1” legs keep house off the ground and away from pests. 100% recyclable. Made in NZ Bumble bees sold separately. Bumble bees Bumble Bees are highly efficient pollinators that gathers pollen from nearby plants, but can forage for kilometers if needed. As the queen nears the end of her life, she produces multiple queens, 20 to 30 on average who set up their own hives elsewhere. Not only do you get great pollination, your community wins with additional pollinators as they spread each season. “So consider adding a few extra bumble bee nesting boxes to provide suitable additional habitat for the newly emerging queens” Research: Evidence has shown that new queens that emerge from man-made hives may indeed be attracted to other similar man-made hives within which to start their own nests. Creative Woodcraft Offers a range of Wildflower Seed Mixes that will be a great food source for Bees. Wildflower seed mix creative woodcraft-420x420 Check out our NEW initiative www.BeeGAP.co.nz 462e5f3a-0a62-4b48-9c3a-24805a8fd47d