Leafcutter Bee Cells x 50

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Leafcutter bee cells x 50

Leafcutting bee cells containing dormant leafcutting bees are shipped between October and Janurary while stocks last.

  • We suggest purchasing a minimum of 50 cells to enable good habitation of your solitary bee house.
  • Creative Woodcraft Solitary Bee Houses are purposely designed to accept Leafcutting Bee Cells.                                                 
  • Orders for Leafcutting bee cells received between January and September are handled as a pre-order and will be shipped during the first few weeks of October.


New Zealand's only distributor of Leafcutter Bee Cells to the Home Gardener.

The characteristics of the lucerne leafcutting bee mean that it is a fascinating insect to have nesting on your property because the females can be safely observed by all and sundry as they go about their foraging and nesting activities. Also of course, they provide pollination for a wide range of plants both introduced and native.

Did you know that much of our food supply and many of the flowers and animals we love could not exist without pollinators like bees and butterflies? The bad news is that honey bees are quickly disappearing, but the good news is that our Native Bees are extremely efficient pollinators. It’s time to Bee a pollinator, and we are dedicated to spreading the word that our Native Bees are an excellent supplement to honey bees as pollinators of our food supply. Learn how you can help increase our native bee populations by providing Native Bees with healthy nesting sites and habitats.

Meeting your expectations: We care about your success and do our best to provide healthy bees. While most of our customers successfully raise gentle bees, it is important to understand that bees are wild insects and may find other holes in your yard. They may get eaten by birds and fly/nest best when in their appropriate temperature range. Leafcutter bees may not like the smell of chemical lawn/yard treatments or similar chemicals and might nest elsewhere

How long do I have to wait before my leafcutter bees emerge?

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