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Weta Motel

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Weta Motel

Weta motels are great for kids, schools, community projects, plantings, and ecological restoration projects etc.

Creative Woodcraft’s wet motels are designed with a tunnel entrance at the base, and a front opening inspection door. Weta occupy these motels of their own accord, as good refuges are generally in short supply.

When you buy a weta motel why not record and share your findings?

Did you know?

  • Weta are at risk of being eaten by introduced predators like rats, stoats, and cats.
  • Big heavy animals can squash weta.
  • Weta adapt well to living in a modified habitat.
  • Female weta lay 100-300 eggs, so if you provide a home they like and weta live there, their numbers will grow!


Instructions (including) some of the other species that may be found using your weta motel.

Dimensions: 210mm x 45mm x 40mm