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Leafcutter Bee Chalet Package

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Leafcutter Bee Chalet Package

Gardeners are often missing out on proper pollination due to lack of bees, which led Creative Woodcraft to put together this “Leafcutter bee chalet package”.

Everything you need to introduce and raise gentle-natured safe and super pollinating leafcutter bees!

Our gentle-natured leafcutter bees are generalists; meaning they don’t stick to certain blossoms, they like to pollinate whatever they find and like. They pollinate most blooming garden fruit, vegetables and various flowers.

News about solitary bees is becoming a hot topic and our leafcutter bees are now in high demand.

No protective gear is required and our leafcutter bees are perfectly safe around children and pets! And do not have the same upkeep (or cost) as honey bees.

This package will help gardeners everywhere grow more food and flowers.

Package Includes

  • Leafcutter bee chalet
  • 60 – EasyTear nesting tubes
  • 50 Leafcutter bees (minimum to establish good results)
  • Bee attractor Pack – wildflower seed mix
  • Instructions for raising gentle-natured Leafcutter bees


A single female leafcutter bee visits 100,000+ blossoms per day compared to a honey bee, 50 – 1000. This means in some situations the pollinate 100% more effectively than honey bees.