Leafcutter Bee Cells - Creative Woodcraft New Zealand

Leafcutter Bee Cells - Qty 50

This wonderful Creative Woodcraft product is now proudly sold through Oderings Garden Centres and select Farmlands branches nationwide.



  • Leafcutter bee cocoons contain dormant Leafcutter bees.
  • They are shipped between July and January while stocks last.
  • We suggest purchasing a minimum of 50 cells to enable good habitation of your Leafcutter bee house.

Creative Woodcraft’s Leafcutter bee houses are purposely designed to accept Leafcutter bee cocoons.


Creative Woodcraft is New Zealand's only distributor of Leafcutter bees.

Gardeners often miss out on proper pollination due to lack of bees. Introduce gentle, safe, super-pollinating bees to your gardens.

No protective gear required! Our bees are not aggressive and totally safe around children and pets! and do not have the same upkeep (or cost) as honey bees.

News about Solitary bees is a becoming a hot topic and our leafcutter bees are in high demand. With our educational website www.BeeGAP.co.nz you can quickly learn to raise gentle-natured garden bees.

Our mission is to help gardeners everywhere grow more food and flowers.


Leafcutter bees are generalists; meaning they don’t stick to certain blossoms, they like to pollinate whatever they find and like. They pollinate most blooming garden fruit, vegetables and various flowers.

Beyond honey bees, solitary bees have been pollinating our food and flowers around the world for millions of years. They are the original and best pollinators and we’ve chosen to work with a great bee that is a generalist (love all types of flowers), easy-to-raise, gentle, and a superior pollinator.

Our favourite summertime bee is the leafcutter bee, which emerges when the weather starts to reach 24°C. It is a super pollinator that carries pollen dry on their underside which falls off on each flower visited. The honey bee carries pollen wet and sticky on their hind legs, with little pollen falling off.


Become a leafcutter bee keeper and raise gentle-natured bees.


* Orders for Leafcutter bee cocoons received between January and June are processed as a pre-order and will be shipped during the first few weeks of July.