Hanging Bird Bath

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Hanging Bird Bath

Providing a hanging bird bath in your garden, is like creating an artificial puddle or shallow pond, that birds can use to bath and cool off, and of course from which they can drink, especially in the summer months and during periods of drought. In the colder months providing water for your garden birds is like providing them a life-line.

This hanging bird bath will prove to be an attraction for many different birds visiting the garden, ensuring a reliable source of water all year round and satisfying an essential need to wildlife.

This hanging wooden bird bath makes a great addition to any garden.

  • Bring songbirds to your garden.
  • Attracts many different species of birds to the garden.
  • Provides birds with a reliable source of water all year round.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Bird bath
  • Hanging ropes
  • Stainless steel water bowl


The hanging bird bath is made from quality timber sourced from local, sustainably managed forest plantations. Non-toxic water based stains and sealants are used wherever possible in the manufacturing of our products. The water based stain can be topped up periodically to maintain its appearance.


Attracts many garden birds.