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Easy Tear Leafcutter Bee Nesting Tubes

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Easy Tear Leafcutter Bee Nesting Tubes

EasyTear nesting tubes are perfect for leafcutter bees.


  • 60 (6 mm) EasyTear leafcutter bee nesting tubes.
  • The gentle natured leafcutter bee prefers 6mm holes.
  • EasyTear nesting tubes can be used in Creative Woodcraft's Leafcutter bee chalets.

EasyTear leafcutter bee nesting tube features

  • The 6mm EasyTear tube is easy for you to open and works well for your cavity nesting leafcutter bees.
  • It is made from 100% recyclable paper, with no plastics to hold in moisture which can damage your bees.
  • Nesting tubes fit all our leafcutter bee chalets.
  • The tube is easy for you to tear open to observe your leafcutter bees' condition at autumn harvest.


Additional and replacement leafcutter bee nesting tubes.