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Ultimate Bee Pollination Package

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Ultimate Pollination Package

Gardeners are often missing out on proper pollination due to lack of bees, leading Creative Woodcraft to put together the “Ultimate Pollination Package”.

Everything you need to introduce and raise gentle-natured safe and super pollinating bees!

Our gentle-natured bees include leafcutter bees and mild mannered bumble bees. By introducing and raising these two species of bee, you are creating an awesome pollination solution from early spring through to late autumn.

No protective gear is required and our leafcutter bees are perfectly safe around children and pets - and do not have the same upkeep (or cost) as honey bees.

This package will help gardeners everywhere grow more food and flowers.

Package Includes

  • 1 Leafcutter bee house with 72 hole interlocking wooden nesting tray system
  • 1 Post mounting sleeve
  • 1 Bee attractor pack – Wildflower seed mix
  • 1 Bumble-A-Bode
  • 1 Live colony of bumble bees
  • 1 Bumble bee nesting box
  • 50 Leafcutter bees