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Bee Bath

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Bee Bath

Bees need to drink water and often seek out shallow water sources such as puddles and bee / bird baths. By placing a Creative Woodcraft bee bath in your garden, you will be helping our little pollinator friends (and a host of other wildlife), with word getting out that it’s the destination to bee (literally).

Key benefits

  • Ideal drinking source for bees
  • Attractive destination for pollinators
  • Increase pollination all year round

Placing the bee bath in your garden, and placing it near "problem plants - those that get aphids, for example", will immediately help to increase pollination and the benefits will be clear to see. It may take a week or so for the bees and other wildlife to locate the drinking source, but rest assured once they do, they will be frequent visitors at their local "drinking hole".


  • Bee bath
  • Hanging rope
  • Easily to remove stainless steel dish

Top tip

Bees are not known as good swimmers, so it will really help if you place a stone (or something similar) in your bee bath, to ensure they have somewhere safe to perch while they drink. Refresh the water daily, adding just enough to evaporate by day's end and you'll have pollinator friends for life.


If the bees are coming to drink in your yard, they’ll be sure to return the favour by pollinating your garden.