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Bat Roosting Box - 3 Chamber

Bat Roosting Box - 3 Chamber

Installing a bat roost box in your backyard or on your property is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to New Zealand bat conservation. Homes for bats are sadly in short supply and populations across the world are declining, partly due to disappearing habitat.

Creative Woodcraft’s bat roosting box (3 chamber) creates an ideal solution to help address this, with the roosting box presenting an ideal artificial alternative for bats to continue surviving.

The multiple 3 chamber design helps bats control their temperature being able to move from one chamber to another.


The roosting box has been specifically designed to be attached to trees, buildings or pole mounted in suitable locations.

Key benefits:

  • Helps New Zealand bats
  • Provides a habitat for bats
  • Increases pollination all year round


The bat roosting box is made from quality timber sourced from local, sustainably managed forest plantations. Non-toxic water based stains and sealants are used wherever possible in the manufacturing of our products. The coloured front panel has been painted using a water based stain and is a decorative finish. The colour can be topped up periodically to maintain its appearance.


Great for conservation projects and education.