Contrary to popular belief, there is no “best” time to put up bird nest boxes.. Birds will quickly become familiar with boxes erected during the autumn and may well use them for winter roosts especially if they contain a little hay or wood shavings. Boxes erected by June/July stand the best chance of being used later in the year as nesting season gets underway. The important thing is to site the box correctly in a position where the birds will be safe from potential predators. Check out our great range of Bird Nesting Boxes Bird Nesting Box Slide SITING Nest boxes can be fixed to walls, fences, trees or buildings. If the site is exposed it is advisable to position them so that the opening is not exposed to the sun or the wettest weather, and when fixing, try to position them at an angle so that rain is directed away from the entrance hole. Choose a spot between 10ft and 15ft above ground level where there is easy flight access to the opening, and above all make sure that they cannot be reached by any marauding cats. If you can site them near your boundary you may attract birds from some distance away. MANAGEMENT It is advisable to clean out boxes in April/May. Any fleas or other parasites that have built up should be killed off with boiling water and any unhatched eggs should be removed. Once the box is clean and dry, add a little hay or wood shavings to encourage the birds to use it for a winter roost & reserve it for the next breeding season. During the breeding season it is very tempting to open the box to see what is happening, but this should only be done with great caution as your presence may well cause the birds to desert the nest. If you do wish to look, first tap lightly on the side of the box to allow the birds to leave the nest without being startled, but never open a box when it contains any young or the parents may well desert with disastrous results. It is far better to watch the activities from a reasonable distance and to enjoy the pleasure of a successful brood brought off the nest.