Together we're giving homes to a huge range of very special wildlife.

Help Creative Woodcraft give nature a home! Just as you’re making small changes to build a home for nature where you live, we think big and build homes for nature on a large scale right across the country. Nature's're brilliant! How you can help give nature a home ?..... Consider purchasing a home for nature from Banner Creative Woodcraft Green Urban Living The places that nature calls home, where it raises a family and finds food are precious. With major change ahead for the Christchurch area, the re-build project underway and the introduction of important conservation projects such as  in Wellington. There has never been a more important time to consider the effects on nature and the habitat of our wildlife. With increasing regeneration and expansion of urban areas across New Zealand, natures homes are in danger of slowly being destroyed or disappearing altogether. There is more need than ever before to build homes for nature on a large scale. Here's how we do it: We build wildlife habitat for:
  • Home gardens
  • Conservation Projects
  • School Garden Projects
  • Community Projects
We work with partners We are always happy to work with and assist nature conservation organisations across NZ, as well as landowners, farmers and businesses. Together we're helping transform farms, parks, cities and communities into homes for nature - providing habitat for nature across New Zealand and creating better awareness for everyone. We campaign and support nature Decisions made by governments about the way our landscapes and seas are managed have an enormous impact on the wildlife that lives there. We inspire the young We help young people get close to nature: in and out of the classroom. We give them the first-hand experiences that lead to a lifelong love of nature, because future generations must love wildlife if they are to protect it. Together we're giving homes to a huge range of very special wildlife.