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    The Number #1 Eco-friendly gift to give this Christmas!

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    "The gift that keeps on giving"

    Gift someone a natural way to enhance pollination in their backyard. Having gentle natured summer leafcutter bees can increase the fruit, vegetables and flowers a garden produces considerably. Without bees, we would lose access to over 70% of the food we produce today.

    BeeGAP in association with Creative Woodcraft has put together a Wonderful Christmas Package!

    Leafcutter Bee Chalet

    Leafcutter Bee Chalet -Starter Kit

    6 steps Revised Grow More Food and flowers with Leafcutter Bees * If you are purchasing your Leafcutter Bee Chalet - Starter Pack as a Christmas gift we are happy to include a bee cocoon voucher with the Chalet enabling the recipient to have their leafcutter bee cocoons dispatched directly to them. ** This seasons Leafcutter bee cocoons are available for dispatch up until the 14th January 2016.