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    Other Beneficial Solitary bees/wasps that may use nesting tunnels.

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    These beneficial solitary bees/wasps are not aggressive and do not sting!

      These cocoons are of the native mason wasp Pison spinolae. Actually sometimes the insect is referred to as the mason bee, but the females store paralyzed spiders in their cells and not nectar and pollen, so using the term`bee’ is incorrect. Mason bee brood cells Ancistrocerus gazelle will help control all pest leafroller caterpillar species making it a great gardeners companion!  Reducing the use of insecticides on your fruit trees and berry bushes. IMG_0019                                   green headed leafroller 1 Leaf-roller Caterpillars stored between the mud walls.                 Leaf-roller Caterpillar on leaf.     Mason Bee Wasp 6 Ancistrocerus gazelle Capping of nesting tunnel with mud.
    It’s great to see other beneficial insects nesting in our leafcutter and solitary bee houses.