NATURALLY PASSIONATE & WANTING TO MAKE CHANGE By Ian Morton  Creative Woodcraft HQ Ian-Profile-photo-269x300 With a deep passion for gardening, nature and the environment at large – is it any wonder I combined my craftsman skills to create a job I love? Every day, ideas and products are born at Creative Woodcraft HQ – as my wife and I continually look for ways to make change and help home gardeners nurture native wildlife throughout New Zealand. It all started as a side-line hobby in 2010, soon became a full-time commitment. Before I knew it the demand for high quality and hand crafted garden products took off and I could see an important trend unraveling. As the spotlight continues to shine on the importance of wildlife protection and conservation, significant projects such as the Halo Project are great reminders of working together for a mutual cause. The Halo Project, spearheaded by the Morgan Family Foundation, is a journey we believe in wholeheartedly and while their goal is to establish Wellington as the real “native wildlife capital of New Zealand” – we see no reason why the entire country can’t do their bit and play their part in the development too. Ultimately, New Zealand has a life-changing opportunity to participate and here at Creative Woodcraft – we want to be part of that and offer products and solutions to help Wellington achieve their Halo goal. Based in South Canterbury, we are a family owned and operated business with the strong aim to provide a wide range of expertly constructed wildlife and garden products. Since our very humble beginnings, Creative Woodcraft has grown in to one of the country’s largest specialist supplier of wildlife habitat, bird and garden related products and offer by far the widest range of nesting boxes, bird feeders and shelters to accommodate nature’s finest. With a honorable team of committed experts constantly aiding our product design and endorsing what we stand for – Creative Woodcraft pledges to continue supporting native wildlife and has every desire to maintain further education among our existing and potential customer base. Tui Feeder finishing touchesThe Halo Project is a great step forward to achieving a better environment for generations to follow and we are only too proud to continue pushing the key messages and products to ensure the protection of native birds and wildlife.

Its a pleasure to be a small part of supporting the Halo Project.

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