Introduction to the fascinating world of our native bee pollinators

Purchasing a solitary bee house from is your introduction to the fascinating world of our native bee pollinators. It has been specially designed to attract a variety of gentle, non-stinging native and introduced solitary bee species that nest from early spring through summer. They might not make honey, but they are extremely efficient pollinators, and your garden will explode with color and produce as a result. Check out our Special.... Everything to get you started!! Solitary Bee House Package Deal! (Limited Time Only) solitary bee house Creative Woodcraft We can email you a  seasonal Newsletter: that really simplifies it for you by letting you know what you could or should be doing with your native  bees during each season of the year. If you’re interested in receiving it, go to our web site and click on Newsletter, to sign up. Thank you for your interest in our native bee pollinators! We offer a FREE  full installation guide ( And Register to receive our FREE e-book BEES