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    INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING TUI–BOTTLE FEEDER   1/ Once you have filled your bottle with sugar/nectar water. (*Tip.. Its a good idea to wrap a small piece of glad wrap/ food wrap over the opening of the bottle to prevent spillage whilst placing the bottle in the feeder.) 2/ Replace the bottle back in the Tui-Feeder. 3/ *(Gently remove any glad wrap/ food wrap) 4/ The opening of the bottle should be sitting just below the rim of the bowl. 5/ The sugar/nectar water will then begin to empty into the bowl until it is full. 6/ Do not be concerned if some spillage or overflow takes place at this stage (the tui feeder has adequate drainage to prevent a build-up of liquid). 7/ when the sugar/nectar water in the bowl reaches the opening of the bottle, a vacuum /seal is created and the sugar water will stop flowing. 8/ As the birds drink or the sugar water begins to evaporate the sugar water in the bottle will be naturally release and refill the dish. The cork that is supplied with your Tui bottle feeder is used when you are storing sugar water/syrup in the fridge. We are always pleased to receive any photos of our products being used by our feathered friends. “Tuis and other syrup feeding birds are attracted by the color red because most of their food is found on plants and trees which have this color flower”.

    We advise our customers to add red food coloring to their syrup/nectar mix and in most cases this works well. If you are still not seeing Tuis at your feeder then you might consider using more red around the feeder.


      This Nectar acts as a great supplement to nectar eating birds such as Tui, Waxeye and Bell Birds. It can also be used as a food and energy source for butterflies and bees.
    • During the winter when there are no native flowers which to attract nectar feeding birds to your garden, Nectar can be used to supplement their diet.
    • Nectar is best used in our tui bottle feeders, butterfly feeders and bee baths.
    nectar   Wild Bird Nectar available from Ingredients: Natural sugars, NZ honey powder, pollen, vitamin and mineral supplement. Directions: Best used using a Creative Woodcraft Tui bottle feeder, butterfly feeder and bee/bird baths. Mix one part nectar powder to four parts water. The wet mix can be made as one large batch if preferred, frozen as ice cubes and then placed in the feeders as required.