Instructions for using Tui - Bottle Feeder

Instructions: Using your Tui-Feeder Bird Feeder - Tui Feeder 1-500x500
1/ Once you have filled your bottle with sugar water.
2/ Replace the cap and position the bottle back in the Tui-Feeder.
3/ Position the ceramic bowl under the bottle.
4/ The opening of the bottle should be sitting just below the rim of the ceramic bowl.
5/ Gently remove the cap of the bottle.
6/ The sugar water will then begin to empty into the ceramic bowl until it is full.
7/ Do not be concerned if some spillage or overflow takes place at this stage ( the tui-feeder has adequate drainage to prevent a build up of liquid).
8/ when the sugar water in the ceramic bowl reaches the opening of the bottle, a vacuum / seal is created and the sugar water will stop flowing.
9/ As the birds drink or the sugar water begins to evaporate the sugar water in the bottle will be naturally release and refill the ceramic dish.
We are always pleased to receive any photos of our products being used by our feathered friends.