Inspecting our Solitary Bee House

Upon inspection today it appears that the majority of Leafcutter Bee Cocoons have emerged ..... Still some to go! Images showing the nesting tray's of the Leafcutter bee cells/cocoons that have emerged successfully. IMG_0012 IMG_0014
  •  Male leafcutter bees have been observed around the solitary bee house.....We are awaiting the females to commence nesting activity, but will update with further progress when it gets underway!
  Occasionally Leafcutter Bees will emerge successfully but disperse, meaning they fly  away instead of nesting in the Solitary Bee House. We always suggest purchasing 50 Leafcutter bee cells/cocoons to guarantee that you get a good colony going within your Solitary bee house, "this should produce about 30 males and 20 females, but because the cells can’t be sexed, the numbers of each sex may vary. Of the 20-odd females, perhaps about half should establish nests in the solitary bee house, but depending on a number of factors such as the weather at the time of emergence, and the particular location of the Solitary Bee House, some females always migrate to look for nest sites elsewhere. Old sheds with nooks and crannies that might be of the right size for a nest can be particularly attractive. If some females do make nests elsewhere, this is not bad news because some new females that hatch from these nests may well find their way back to the Solitary Bee House" Dr Barry Donovan - Entomologist Consider providing a second Solitary Bee House to encourage those females that may migrate to look for nest sites elsewhere on your property.  We also discovered what looks like Mason Bee Nesting Activity? IMG_0018IMG_0019 IMG_0016   And lastly we found some of the spare nesting tunnels to be a great home and Shelter for those gardeners best friends the Ladybirds.... Consider a ladybird house as a great addition to organic gardening! IMG_0028   Help increase the number of ladybirds in your garden by providing adequate roosting spots with this Ladybird House by Creative Woodcraft.