Increase our Native Bee Population

Calling all Gardeners! Help Pollination and Increase our Native Bee Population.

Lets increase pollination and increase our native bee population in our own back yards. Bumble bee nesting boxes and solitary bee houses can help increase pollination. Passionate about the future of bees in New Zealand, Ian Morton from Creative Woodcraft has teamed up with a pollination expert to help Kiwi gardeners encourage native bees to pollinate their backyards. Designed with the assistance of Dr Barry Donovan, of Donovan Scientific Insect Research in Lincoln, the company’s leaf cutter bee cells are expected to help increase the native bee population in New Zealand. "We have designed solitary bee hives and bumble bee nesting boxes that will encourage our native bees to nest in these sites," says Ian. “By providing a suitable habitat, a growth in population will occur and positively benefit the number of pollinators out there". Creative Woodcraft’s solitary bee houses include a variety of nesting hole diameters, suitable for hosting up to six species of bees and three species of wasp.Click here for details about the Creative Woodcraft range, or to place an order. Register with Creative Woodcraft online and receive free, downloadable e-book containing information about New Zealand native solitary bees, bumble bees and leaf cutter bees. Leaf cutter Bee Cells Available for purchase