How to make great suet cakes for New Zealand wild birds

Overview Birds love suet cakes and at this time of year they are just what they need to give them energy and keep warm. But the feeding balls needn't be shop bought; you can use all sorts of kitchen scraps such as cheese and dry porridge oats. Just mix with melted lard or suet and set in the fridge overnight. How to do it 1Mixing dry ingredients in a bowl The best ratio for this recipe is one part fat to two parts dry mixture. Mix all your dry ingredients together in a bowl. 2Stirring ingredients in a pan Melt some lard or suet in a pan and add the dry mix. Stir well until the fat has all been absorbed and the mixture sticks together. 3Spooning mixture into yoghurt pot. Make a hole in the bottom of a yogurt pot and thread through a length of twine or string, then pack the pot with your warm fat mixture. 4Removing the fat cake from the yoghurt pot. Place in the fridge overnight to set, then cut through and peel away the pot. Tie a big knot at one end of the twine to secure the cake. 5Hanging up home-made fat cake Hang the cake in a bird feeder  and wait for the birds to come and feast!. Click here to check out our great range of quality hand-crafted NZ made bird feeders and other wildlife habitat.