How long do I have to wait before my Leafcutter Bees emerge?...

How long do I have to wait before my Leafcutter Bees emerge?... This is a very common question. Answer: After installing your leafcutter bee cocoons, their emergence is dependent on several factors. Your geographic location and climatic conditions. The team at BeeGAP and Creative Woodcraft is based in South Canterbury and for the past few years our leafcutter bees have emerged during the first weeks of January. In other parts of the country where the temperatures are warmer and more humid emergence may well take place any time from November on-wards!

If you are anything like me (patience is not my strongest point) Therefore next year we hope to offer leafcutter bee cocoons that have been pre-incubated, this will in turn reduce the emergence time considerably (your bees should then be flying within a couple of weeks of receiving them!)

Your patience will be rewarded with increased summer pollination! For more information on "Gentle Natured Bees" Visit Garden Harvest
Meeting your expectations: We care about your success and do our best to provide healthy bees. While most of our customers successfully raise gentle bees, it is important to understand that bees are wild insects and may find other holes in your garden in which to nest. They may get eaten by birds and fly/nest best when in their appropriate temperature range. Sometimes bees may not like the smell of chemical lawn/garden treatments or similar chemicals and might nest elsewhere.