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    Choosing a bird nesting box

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    There are many bird species throughout New Zealand that may use bird houses and nest boxes....  However, knowing which species are most likely to become tenants and what type of nesting box/ bird house to choose can be a challenge...Click on the Bird Images Below and we will recommend the best type of nest box for that bird... Birds That May Use Nest Boxes   Thrush Sparrow  Sparrow Saddleback  Saddleback Starling  Starling Grey Warbler  Grey Warbler Little owl  Little Owl and Morepork Stitchbird   Stitchbird Blackbird  Blackbird IMG_4932-blog  Waxeye / Silvereye Tui  Tui Kaka  Kaka Rosella  Rosella   Nesting Boxes and Bird Houses for Cavity Nesting Birds are available at Creative Woodcaft as part of our Conservation  Range of products. These Nest Boxes have been designed with consideration from many experts with New Zealand Birds in mind. Our superior range of nesting boxes have many key features built in as standard…..and have a unique system to allow easy installation and access for inspection and cleaning… Adding bird houses and nesting boxes to your backyard is a great way to attract Cavity Nesting  birds, but not all bird species will choose a bird house or nesting box to raise their families.