Bird Baths - Positioning & Maintenance

How to Postion and Maintain your Bird Bath

Bird Bath - Hanging - Creative Woodcraft NZ Location Bird baths should be placed in a location where cats and other predators are not lurking. Place your hanging bird bath where the birds are able to have a clear view all around. When birds’ feathers are wet and heavy they cannot fly as well. It is suggested to keep at least 1 meter of open space all around, giving the birds the ability to see danger approaching and have enough time to fly away. A great place to locate a hanging bird bath is under overhanging branches of a tree, as this gives a place for birds to fly to quickly if they are in danger. For birds to see predators approaching, birds should have clear visibility over the edge of the bird bath as they bathe. If the bowl is too deep, certain birds will be afraid to enter the bird bath and will remain on the edge only using it for drinking water. The hanging bird bath by Creative Woodcraft is designed with this in mind. Maintenance and Cleaning A bird bath requires regular maintenance. Maintenance can be as simple as a daily quick wash and refill, but it does depend on the type of bird bath. Cleaning your bird bath is important because of the possible adverse health effects of birds drinking dirty water. Concrete bird baths tend to become mossy and, therefore, slippery—requiring an occasional scrubbing out with a stiff brush. The hanging bird bath by Creative Woodcraft is designed with a removable stainless steel bowl for easy access and cleaning, and has good integrated drainage surrounding the bowl preventing the build-up of stagnant water. So Remember
  • Plan you location carefully (away from lurking cats).
  • Use a shallow bowl or dish.
  • Keep you product clean (especially if it's concrete).