Did you know bees need to drink water? They seek out shallow water sources like puddles and bee/bird baths. You can help out our little pollinator friends (and a host of other wildlife) by adding a bee bath to your garden. bee_bath This Bee Bath from Creative Woodcraft is designed to hold a shallow bowl (included). Bees are not known as good swimmers, so it really helps if you place a stone or something similar in your bee bath– so they have somewhere safe to perch while they drink. Bees and other beneficial insects — ladybugs, butterflies, and predatory wasps — all need fresh water to drink. Placing the bee bath in your garden. (Put it near "problem plants" — those that get aphids, for example — and the beneficial insects that come to drink will look after them.) Refresh the water daily, adding just enough to evaporate by day's end. If you keep it full, and in the same location, word will spread and the bees will come and be frequent visitors. It may take a couple of weeks for bees to discover the water source, but one they do, they will never forget where it is.
The benefit to you is that if bees are coming to drink in your yard, they’ll do you the return favor of pollinating your garden.