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    Autumn has arrived

    • Ian Morton

    As much as we hate to admit it, Summer has drawn to a close and Autumn has begun. Slowly the mornings staying darker longer and a definite chill in the air. Early Autumn is that time of the year when bird activity in our gardens can sometimes be a bit quieter with less birds visiting the feeders. This is because there is an abundance of natural food sources for the birds to enjoy with seed heads and berries available, and also because the birds are travelling further afield now that the temperatures have started to drop.   

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    Your local birds will still be dropping by to visit your bird feeders but just not staying as long or eating so much. It is a good idea, at this time, to put a little less food out more often so it remains fresh and attractive to the birds. At this time of year the birds are establishing their winter feeding territories. In some areas they will be moving from a place that had a good summer food supply and be looking for a new territory that will supply their needs over the colder months to come.

    Many of the birds that visit bird feeders during this time will be out scouting for somewhere to spend their winter so having your feeders out and your nesting boxes ready is sure to attract wild birds encouraging them to stay throughout the winter and hopefully breed in the spring. If you have been feeding your local garden birds for a few years this is a good time to be thinking about putting up another feeder and perhaps some more nesting boxes. An area will only support so many birds for a long period and it could be that your garden has reached capacity. If there is only enough feed and shelter for the current resident birds then they will chase any new comers out of the area.

    New feeders will make your residents feel a bit more charitable and may allow other birds to move into your garden and neighborhood. Just remember that you also need to supply them with extra shelter in the form of nest boxes or else those without shelter may be forced to try and find another territory just when winter is at its worst. You can position your winter nesting boxes closer than you would have them in spring because while many birds prefer to nest and raise their young away from other birds in the spring, in autumn and winter they are happy to live closer together.. Grouping nesting boxes can make an attractive feature in your backyard. We have had many reports from our customers on the high occupancy rate of their nesting boxes throughout the spring and summer. The success to having multiple nesting in the same box is to keep a good watch on it and clean it out as soon as the fledglings have left the nest.

    Autumn is a great time to add new bird nesting boxes and feeders to your garden. Bird nesting boxes from Provide birds with a comfortable winter residence. The trick to having multiple nesting in the same box is to keep a good watch on it and clean it out when the fledglings leave the nest. All products at Creative Woodcraft are made with love, care and attention to detail. 100% NZ made.