Autumn Bird Feeding

Autumn is a great time to feed the birds, and the right autumn bird feeding tips can help attract a wide variety of birds to your garden. Autumn Bird Feeding Myths Several bird feeding myths surround autumn feeding and many beginning backyard birders mistakenly assume that feeding birds in autumn will not be advantageous their feathered friends. It is also a myth that there simply aren't birds around to feed in the autumn. While many birds rely less on feeders in autumn because of the natural harvest abundance of wild berries, fruits, grains and seeds, bird feeders will still see plenty of activity. The composition of backyard birds will change as some resident birds leave and new ones arrive, but they will all welcome the opportunity to find an easy snack at bird feeders. Bird feeder bird bath Reasons to Feed Birds in Autumn Autumn is a dynamic, ever-changing season and it can be a very rewarding time to feed birds. Birders should always keep their feeders stocked in fall to…
  • Help resident birds build fat reserves for energy once they begin migration.
  • Provide an easy food source for any birds that maybe passing through the area.
  • Offer supplemental food when natural food sources begin to be depleted.
  • Attract the first winter bird species and encourage them to remain nearby all season.
  • Help birds imprint on the location of reliable food sources so they will return to the same place in the spring.
Tips for Feeding Autumn Birds There is more to feeding autumn birds than just providing the right foods. By keeping the backyard safe and meeting birds' other needs, your garden birds will be healthy, active and diverse.   Feeding autumn birds can be a rewarding way to enjoy the changing season just as a backyard flock is changing. By following these autumn bird feeding tips, it is possible to attract a wide range of autumn bird species and ensure they are happily fed throughout the season.