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    Attract wildlife to your school, kindergarten or backyard...

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    For wildlife professionals, schools, conservation projects, farmers, builders and developers, you may like to consider introducing  products which can be used to help mitigate the effects of disturbance or loss of existing habitat. 

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    Creative Woodcraft's  unique  product range, include nesting boxes for many species of birds, mammals and insects that will fit the bill perfectly. Many of our products are well suited to assist in empowering children and students in early childhood centers and schools within nature gardens, habitat mitigation schemes and conservation projects in New Zealand.  All products are handmade to high standards and designed with their inhabitants in mind. Attract wildlife to your school, kindergarten or backyard?
    • Solitary Bee Houses
    • Bumble Bee Nesting Boxes
    • Butterfly Houses
    • Bird Feeders
    • Bird Houses
    • Hedgehog Nesting and Feeder Boxes
    • And more........
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