Wild Bird Nectar Feeder

Wild Bird Nectar Feeder
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Wild Bird Nectar Feeder

Our wild bird bottle feeder (Tui Feeder) encourages nectar feeding birds to your garden. Providing an effective feeding station for Tui, Bellbirds and Waxeyes. This is a feeder that can be used all-year round and will become very popular with your garden birds.


Easily mounted or hung (rope required).

Tui and other nectar feeding birds are attracted by the colour red because most of their food is found on plants and trees which have this colour flower. We advise our customers to add red food colouring to their syrup/nectar as in most cases this works well to attract them.


  1. Once you have filled your bottle with sugar/nectar water.
    Tip: It’s a good idea to wrap a small piece of glad wrap/food wrap over the opening of the bottle to prevent spillage whilst placing the bottle in the feeder.
  2. Replace the bottle back in the wild bird bottle feeder (Tui feeder).
  3. Gently remove any glad wrap/food wrap
  4. The opening of the bottle should be sitting just below the rim of the bowl.
  5. The sugar/nectar water will then begin to empty into the bowl until it is full.
  6. Do not be concerned if some spillage or overflow takes place at this stage the wild bird bottle (Tui feeder) has adequate drainage to prevent a build-up of liquid.
  7. When the sugar/nectar water in the bowl reaches the opening of the bottle, a vacuum/seal is created and the sugar water will stop flowing.
  8. As the bird’s drink or the sugar water begins to evaporate the sugar water in the bottle will be naturally release and refill the dish.

The cork that is supplied with your wild bird bottle feeder (Tui feeder) is used when you are storing sugar water/syrup in the fridge.


The wild bird bottle feeder (Tui feeder) is made from quality timber sourced from local, sustainably managed forest plantations. Non-toxic water based stains and sealants are used wherever possible in the manufacturing of our products. The stained finish can be topped up periodically to maintain its appearance.


You should see nectar feeding birds using this feeder. Sit back and listen to the delight of the Tui song, while feeling satisfied you have provided an ideal feeding source for your garden regulars.

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