Hanging Bird Table

Hanging Bird Table
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Hanging Bird Table

The open concept of this bird feeder attracts lots of birds providing greater visibility to feeding birds.

This delightful bird feeder creates a safe environment for feeding birds ensuring that the roof provides protection from aerial predators (such as hawks). Birds are also safe from cats and other predators while feeding.

Designed to accommodate a good variety of food this feeder has an inset stainless steel dish that can also be used for water. It’s the perfect size to hang from smaller tree limbs and branches.

The raised edge of the bird table prevents food from blowing away and the wide roof keeps the food fresh and dry.

Complete with: Hanging rope, can also be post mounted using a Creative Woodcraft “Post Mounting Sleeve”.

Product includes

  • Covered hanging bird table
  • Stainless steel dish
  • Hanging rope


A quiet location with a good view from the house is normally the best place. This allows you to enjoy observing the garden birds while they feed with little disturbance.

Choose a site sheltered from extremes of weather, but where the birds have a good all-round view, so they can see that they are safe from predators while they feed.

The feeder should be safely away from cat ambush sites. A small bush or a tree about two meters from the feeder gives the birds somewhere safe to perch while they look to see if it is safe to feed, to ‘queue up’ for a place on the feeder, and to dash to if disturbed.

Sow Creative Woodcraft’s wildflower seed mix nearby to help encourage birds, bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects.


Bird table is suitable for offering most foods to garden birds. Any seeds and seed mixes can be placed on a bird table, as can fruit, suet nibbles, bird cake and kitchen scraps.


The feeder is made from quality timber sourced from locally, sustainably managed forest plantations. Non-toxic water based stains and sealants are used wherever possible in the manufacturing of our products. The bird table can be re-stained periodically to maintain its appearance.


A good variety of garden birds all-year-round. Feeding bird’s gives delight to many people; Birds and gardens are a natural pairing, as anyone with an appreciation of either will tell you.

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