Leafcutter bee house package

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Leafcutter bee house package

Package Includes:

Leafcutter Bee House

Wooden Nesting Tray's

x 50 Leafcutter Bee Cocoons***

Post Mounting Sleeve

(x40) 6mm EasyTear tubes

Downloadable eBook - Bees


We can all use a little more pollination!

  • Increase pollination of fruit trees, flower gardens and vegetable gardens.
  • Easily removable nesting trays for inspection / education and annual cleaning.
  • Encourage our native and introduced bees.

Creative Woodcraft Solitary Bee House has three diameters of nesting hole and the capacity to host 6 species of bees and 3 possibly several more species of beneficial wasp.

By beginning with leafcutting bees which will emerge from the leafcutter bee house you will experience nesting action in the first year, and the potential for more species to appear later.

All species of bees visiting flowers will be enhancing the level of pollination, and the removal of leafroller larvae by one species of wasp will help reduce damage to some leaves and fruits.

For those who don’t like spiders the mason wasps will be seen as beneficial, but of course spiders catch a good number of insects that can be damaging. All told, if even just a few of the species of bees and wasps inhabit your trap nest, there should be plenty of activity to observe and entertain.

So if you’d like to join us in our quest to encourage our native and introduced bees – and see your garden explode with blossoms as a result - please provide a healthy habitat for them by purchasing our custom-designed Creative Woodcraft Solitary Bee/ Leafcutter Bee Houses!

At Creative Woodcraft we provide a selection of products that will make raising Leafcutter Bees, Native Bees and Bumble Bees fun, easy and economical:

***Starter colonies of Leafcutter Bee Cells/ Cocoons (shipped only October through to mid January until supplies run out)

Bumble Bee Nesting Boxes - You may want to help your flowering fruit trees and gardens by providing a comfy nesting site to Bumble Bees.

Leafcutter Bees and New Zealand Native solitary Bees are great pollinators.

This Handcrafted NZ made bee house nesting tray system is designed to hang from a wall, fence or tree, or be mounted on the top of a post at flower or shrub level, using a wooden post mounting sleeve.

We can all use a little more pollination!!

This unique solitary beehive nesting tray system is designed specifically to attract non-swarming solitary bees. These types of bees do not swarm, are gregarious and safe around children and pets, they are naturally attracted to the holes in wood and the Solitary Bee Hive provides a habitat that has become harder for them to find in modern gardens today. The solitary beehive nesting tray system can be sited at any time of the year. When the bees aren't using it other beneficial insects will use it for overwintering in. Easily removable nesting trays for inspection / education and annual cleaning. At Creative Woodcraft we do not endorse drilled nesting holes in wood as these cannot be cleaned or inspected!


Site the box in a visible warm place ideally to catch the morning sun. It is helpful to have soil nearby and food sources such as flowers, fruit trees, etc.

Attach to trees, pergolas, fences etc. in a sheltered position.

Although these bees do not swarm they are gregarious and once the box is used, occupation will increase in the following years. (Increasing Pollination!) of fruit trees, flower gardens and vegetable gardens.

Because of the solid timber construction and insulation value, the beehive will not need to be taken inside in winter.


To learn more about... Attracting and introducing leafcutter bees to your garden


Height: 15cm

Width: 35cm

Depth: 21cm

The exterior of the solitary bee house finished with a natural preservative.

Includes: Fixing Screws for secure mounting.

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