Creative Woodcraft and the Environment

Environmental Vision

Creative Woodcraft Limited will seek to be a positive contributor to the natural and human environments, through adopting policies designed to bring environmentally sound products manufactured in environmentally sensitive ways to market. It will strive to reach these ends through legal, socially responsible, sustainable and ethical business practices and the careful application of technology to all aspects of its business. Through its products, it will seek to encourage others to take an interest in, and themselves contribute to, the natural environment.

The Natural Environment

Creative Woodcraft will develop products which are associated with the natural world, and themselves use energy resources responsibly throughout their life. It will adopt a restrained and sustainable approach to the use of all natural resources in the operation of its business.

The Community

The Company seeks to contribute to the built and man-made environments and to the community, through ensuring that all its developments and activities are in keeping both in scale and character and form a positive influence on the landscape and its local communities.

Our Products

Our products will all be designed to encourage an interest in wildlife, and where possible contribute directly to aspects of the natural environment. They will deploy technology both to provide functional benefits and to contribute to a reduction in the use of energy and non-renewable resources. We will aim to continuously improve all our products, and seek endorsement from appropriate organisations.

Our Partners

As far as practicable, we will select and work with like-minded customers, suppliers and other partners who also adopt sustainable and responsible environmental practices.

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About Us

Creative Woodcraft is a family owned and operated business. We produce a wide range of high quality hand-crafted wildlife and garden related products, distributed through a great network of stockists.


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