Leafcutter Bees - Great summer pollinators

Solitary Bees - Leafcutter Bees - Great Summer Pollinators 2013/ 2014 has proven to be another great year for Creative Woodcraft. Interest in increasing pollination in the backyard environment has grown. Many customers have purchased our Solitary Bee House packages and have experienced great success as well as a deeper understanding about the importance of our native and introduced pollinators! We have taken a selection of photos during this summer and would like to share these with you... Our Solitary Bee Houses and Bumble Bee Nesting Boxes are hand-crafted in New Zealand and have been designed by leading experts.They make a great addition to any garden / backyard and will always be the center of conversation! They are a safe and fantastic way to educate, introduce and grow interest about the importance of New Zealand Pollinators! Leafcutter Bees in action: View Video - Creative Woodcraft's Solitary Bee House Now is a great time to consider purchasing our Bee related products having them ready for the warmer months ahead. Pre-order your Leafcutter Bee Cells (to avoid disappointment!) Photos taken during the summer of 2014 - Creative WoodcraftSolitary Bee 1 Close up: Leafcutter Bee Solitary Bee 2 Leafcutter Bee emerging from cocoon/ cell Leafcutter bee cells available from www.creativewoodcraft.co.nz Solitary Bee 3 An inside view of a nesting tunnel - Solitary Bee House by Creative Woodcraft Solitary Bee 4 A newly emerged Leafcutter Bee heading for the light at the end of the tunnel... Below: These great pollinators are fantastic to observe and safe around children and pets!Solitary Bee 5