Garden Birds of NZ

GARDEN BIRD LIST The kinds of birds that visit or live in our gardens are determined by the type of shelter and the availability of food. Another factor is the location of the garden to more natural areas such as the coast or the bush. Some birds will only be found in certain parts of the country. Birds are attracted to the suburbs by the food, water and shelter that are available to them. It is relatively simple for the urban gardener to attract a wide range of birds to visit and live in the garden by providing these essental elements. Listed below are birds that may be encouraged to visit our gardens: the list distinguishes wheather they maybe residents nesting there or simply regular or maybe seasonal visitors. For every list there will be exceptions. Potential Residents House Sparrow Dunnock (hedge sparrow) Starling Myna (North Island) Blackbird Thrush Fantail Grey Warbler Silvereye (waxeye, white-eye) Common Visitors Red-billed gull (more common in the North Island) Black-backed gull Greenfinch Chaffinch Occasional Visitors Tui Kingfisher Welcome swallow Black-billed gull (endangered, mostly Rotorua southward) Rock pigeon (feral pigeon) California quail Eastern rosella (Auckland/Northland/Bay of Plenty) Goldfinch Yellowhammer Redpoll Cirl bunting (uncommon, Marlborough, Canterbury and Otago) White-backed magpie Black-backed magpie Shining cuckoo (will lay in grey warbler nests) Bellbird (south of Auckland) New Zealand pigeon, wood pigeon Morepork, native owl Little owl, German owl (often replaces morepork in Canterbury and Otago) Spotted dove, lace-neck dove (Auckland region, Te Puke, Opotiki) Barbury dove, ring necked dove (Auckland region, Rotorua, Whakatane, Havelock North) In Damp Areas, Ponds Mallard duck Grey duck White-faced heron Pukeko Spur-winged plover Near open country Ring-necked pheasant Australian harrier, harrier hawk pipit Skylark